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Consider Filing for Bankruptcy

In these troubled times, more and more individuals and families are suffering from financial hardship and the difficult decision of whether or not to file for bankruptcy. The residents of California have especially taken a hit in the recent economic downturn and many people either lost their jobs or took a huge pay cut and can barely afford to make ends meet. It is important to remember however, that you are not alone. The attorneys at Price Law Group have already helped 60,000 individuals file for bankruptcy and turn over a new leaf financially.

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When you find yourself in a situation demanding decisive action to achieve the relief you so desperately need, talk to their legal team as soon as possible. A legal professional from the firm can help you to understand your legal options and which course of action best suits your specific circumstances. It is vital you obtain comprehensive advice on the area so that you can make informed decisions that will actually be of benefit to you and your future.

When you work with an attorney from Price Law Group, you will have the advantage of a free consultation to help you explore the possibilities available to you and how the firm can help. They are dedicated to providing personalized assistance tailored to suit your individual needs. No matter the path you choose to pursue, they can guide you through the process from beginning to end. The firm can help you with chapter 7, or chapter 13 bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, or loan modification. If you would like to reduce the amount you owe on your mortgage, they can assist you with short sale negotiation,. When it comes to minimizing your debts or pursuing the full settlement that you deserve, their firm can litigate matters of debt settlement, insurance settlement, tax resolution. They can also help you hold onto your hard-earned money and assests by fighting wage garnishment and repossession issues as well as estate planning.

Bankruptcy & Other Debt Resolution Alternatives

Don't let creditors make you feel victimized! Many times creditors will harass debtors and cross personal boundary lines to get their hands on your money and they compromise your legal rights in the process. This type of behavior should not be tolerated. When you can contact the firm, you will have a legal professional advocating for your best interests and an assertive legal ally fighting on your behalf. Attorneys at the firm can help if you are being subjected to creditor abuse and can fight to protect your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act . They can assist you in answering the question "Do I qualify for bankruptcy?" All of your options can be reviewed and they can use the experience they have accrued over 20 years in practice to guide you on the path to financial freedom and a more positive future. They can even assist with credit repair to further improve your financial standing.

There are many stigmas and misconceptions about the bankruptcy process. The main one being that it is near impossible to ever fully recover from bankruptcy. While it is true that it will stay on your record for a number of years, it may be the only thing that will help get you caught up financially and be able to start fresh. The only thing that traumatically affects your credit score is being late or delinquent on your bills and payments. After bankruptcy you will actually be able to manage your finances and pay your bills on times, making it possible to repair your credit score rather quickly. There are many benefits to bankruptcy that are typically overlooked, but it may be just what you need to ditch your debt for good and have that fresh start you deserve.

Tried & True Bankruptcy Counsel

The firm's personalized service and attention to detail has allowed them to successfully help over 100,000 individuals in eliminating their debt. Their legal team will take the time to listen and assess your financial situation and then they can guide you in the best direction and formulate the proper plan of action to eliminate your debt for good. Each individual bankruptcy is never the same which is why they will tactically build a solution that meets your specific financial needs. Well prepared petitions and the respect of the bankruptcy courts greatly benefit their clients, as does their skill with all services they offer. As members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, they are standing by to help you make the difficult decisions on these vital matters and guide you all along the way. So don't let your debt control you any longer! Gain back your financial freedom by calling the Price Law Group today!

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